Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Work Day

We had a good hard day of work today in beautiful fall weather. We hauled up a 400 pound pumpkin, some squash and gourds and decorated around our fence. Jessica got some corn shocks from our neighbor's field and used them to decorate the lamp post. We removed our aging summer petunias and replaced them in the flower boxes with gourds and squash.

We did some inside cleaning of all 6 of our vehicles. After lunch, Jessica made baked doughnuts. Yum! She got some help from Matthew. We canned 7 quarts of ripe roma tomatoes and finished filling our basement room with wood for warmth in the winter. We heat completely with wood. We have bread and broccoli soup on the go and are expecting the Brown family of 8 for a light supper. Justo and David went to help Steve Olson hammer nails into a ceiling that is being repaired. Paul got his old Aspire running enough to get it to the top of the driveway to sell.

The leaves are beginning to turn. The temperature today got up to 70F. What a gorgeous day the Lord has given us! We hope to take a walk in the woods with the Browns.

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