Saturday, September 22, 2007


So what is this blog about? Like the blog description says "The activities, adventures, prayer request, and pictures of a Wisconsin family of 8" Yes we are a family of 8. Paul and Josie (or Dad and Mom as they are generally referred to around this house!) have been married ever since September 1st, 1979. They were missionaries overseas for 8 years before moving back into the Midwest. Half of us kids were born in Ecuador, one in Texas, one in Minnesota, and the remaining in Wisconsin where we now live. We have spent the last 13+ years here in the Menomonie area. Right now Dad (Paul) is a Chaplain in three Nursing Homes, one in Menomonie, one in Mondovi, and one in Eau Claire. Mom (Josie) is the one who keeps the home fort organized, and running. She does most of the meals, keeps track of most of the schedules, and teaches the two kids still in school. Justo (currently 26) is an Industrial Engineer with an automation company north of Minneapolis. He has a heart for missions and desires to get back to Ecuador where he lived until he was about 9. Jessica (currently 24), the traveler of the family, is serving God as he leads. She is at home unless called elsewhere. She helps out at a Nursing home as a CNA when time permits. Lucas (currently 22) is in his last year of college. He is attending Patrick Henry College in Virginia, studying Government and Public Policy. David (currently 20) is the active one of the family. He is enlisted in the Marines, and is planning on serving until 2011. Peter (currently 16) is still in school. He enjoys playing piano and hunting. Matthew (currently 13) is of course still in school as well. He is diligent in his work, and enjoys getting outside. We enjoy music as a family, particularly the good old hymns. We love the opportunities we have to sing together as a family at a local Nursing Home and at special functions. Our ultimate purpose is to glorify the Lord in all that we say and do (Col. 3:17) This is a blog about our life, and with updates on our family. It is staffed by all the members of the family. Lucas and Peter have blogs as well so you can get their twist on life (if they are keeping up their blog!) Once again, Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy reading about our busy life.

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