Monday, April 14, 2008

Lance Corporal!

David has just received another meritorious promotion. He is now a Lance Corporal. We really thank the Lord for his goodness, and graciousness that he has shown to David.

David is graduating from School of Infantry tomorrow. He has done well, and has really enjoyed himself. He was assigned a M249 SAW for much of his time at SOI, and has had the "privilege" of carrying that around most of the time. He was scheduled to run his PFT today. His goal would be a perfect score, but his arm is still swollen from giving blood, so he is not sure how it will go. We expect to hear from him on Tuesday to hear exactly what his next orders are, and how he did on his PFT. Your continued prayer are appreciated!

Update: After talking with a person who has much experience drawing blood, it sounds like they hit a nerve in David's arm. If that is the case, his arm will be very sore for at least a week, so continued prayers are appreciated!

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Diane Langan said...

Congratulations, David! I am Diane Langan, Co-director of the Patriot Ministry here in Southern California. We put on a "Easter with the Marines" party on 3/30/08 at the SOI where, Pete, one of our volunteers met David. He spoke to him only briefly, but quickly discovered David was a Christian. The light of Christ shines brightly in David. David told Pete about this blog. You can visit our developing website there are a lot of pictures on it of the Easter Party. Not sure if David is in any of them, there were over 700 SOI students there. WE are so blessed to interact with those brave young men. It was our third party to host for them, and we have other opportunities as well. God is good!!! David if you want, please email us. We'd love to hear from you.