Thursday, November 5, 2009

Letter and picture from David

Dear Family, 2009, 10/23
I finally got around to writing you a letter. My days here in Bahrain are pretty routine intermingled with different training and our Ract mission. A regular day with no training starts out at my 0445 alarm. After which I will go wake up my fire team.
I just received a new fire team as I am 1st Team Leader, 1st SQD. My Team consists of LCPL Peucio From Vabas who I have known since Boot camp ... Next is LCPL Stoglin a country grown redneck from Tennessee. He is 6'3” 245lbs and is trying to get under Marine Corps weight standards which is 220lbs for his height. Last is LCPL Newland. He is from Ohio and has a fiance' waiting for home when he gets back. He has been in the Marine corps almost 3 years and is very knowledgeable on everything...
So once my Marines are awake, I shave, make my rack, and get dressed for PT in the stunning Marine Corps PT gear. PT (Physical Training) runs from 0545 to around 0700 and we do anything from running 4 miles, to swimming or doing a strength and endurance course. We take a quick shower and form up to march to chow at 0715.
For chow I normally eat oatmeal, scrambled eggs with cheese, biscuit and gravy, friend potatoes, french toast with syrup, yogurt, milk, orange juice, and a banana or an orange with bacon or sausage.
After breakfast we will do classes of other busy work 'till 1100 and then we have a 2 hour chow break 'till 1300. During which I normally hang out with Cpl Graham, Zach, and Cpl Johnson Tyrel, and watch the office or Smallville, or some movie series.
The afternoon is our busy work which normally includes a Color Guard practice. At 1630-1700 we will get off for the day and have a softball game/practice or now a football game/practice. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I have a church activity at 1900. After that at 2000 I normally go to the gym from 2000-2130, and hit the rack by 2230 to start a new day at 0445.
This is an off week which only happens about once every month, so generally we are busier than this with more important training.
So how are things back in Wisconsin? I guess the weather must be getting colder now as here it is now 85-100F as a high every day with a low around 80F every night. Everything is building up to the Marine Corps Ball on Nov. 6th. It should be an OK time and I am the designated “Sober Cpl.” as I do not drink anyway. Enclosed is a picture of me that was put in the paper of our last squad competition. We took 2nd place.
Christ's Marine,
David Pillman
James 3:17
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