Thursday, May 31, 2012

A quick update on our family.  Paul, the Dad , is now working full time in the dairy department of a local grocery store named Lammers.  Josie , the Mom, has finished home schooling all six children, so keeping the home fires going is "painted another color" now.  At present we have only Peter and Matthew at home with us.
Justo and wife Tricia and their baby, Nathanael (d.o.b. Dec. 19, 2011) plan to leave for Ecuador for a 4 year missionary term on June 27, 2012.  Jessica now lives in Minneapolis and works as a nurse at a birthing center.  Lucas is presently preparing to move from Florida to Wisconsin.  He works as a computer web designer.  David is a Marine and safely back from Afghanistan. Hooray!  He is presently living in Camp Pendleton, CA.  We thank him for his service.  He plans to leave the Marines in Aug.  having completed a five year term.  Peter graduated from law enforcement.  Matthew has graduated from high school and again has a sweet corn business this summer.

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