Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jessica in Ghana

Yes, you read it right, Jessica is in Ghana Africa at this time. No, I can't hold her down. She has now spent extended periods of time in five continents (only Australia and Antarctica left!), but that isn't her main focus. Her main focus has been to be what the Lord wants her to be, and to follow his guidance wherever that may taker her.

In the past year she has spent a lot of her time helping out mothers with young children, particularly those without older children to help. Now that calling has taken her to Africa where she is helping out the David Federwitz family for 3 months. As you can see (if you checked out their page) the Lord has blessed them with 4 small children of their own. Now this may seem like a busy household in civilized America, but realize this family is called to primitive Africa. Where they serve, there is no running water, no electricity (unless you count the power gathered off their small solar panels), and no indoor plumbing. We are so glad that she was available and willing to go and spend this time to cheer and encourage them in their ministry.

Due to how far she is out in the booneys in Africa, communication is limited, so we will not have any regular updates on how she is doing. We have received word that she arrived safely in Ghana, and is now with the Federwitz family. At this time she is living with them in a guest room that they have in their house. We will try and keep you posted with any updates we can, and we would still appreciate your prayers for her as well.

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