Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mom's Heart -Update

First of all I want to thank each and every one for their prayers. We really appreciate your concern!

Mom mainly had a consultation today with Dr. Schreiter. Thankfully Dad was able to fit it into his busy schedule as well, so both were there. First Dr. Schreiter determined that most likely, since it appears the heart has been slowly and insidiously deteriorating for some time, it wouldn't affect treatment to know whether the atrial fibrillation is causing or the result of the cardiomyopathy.

Also for the same reasons, most likely it wouldn't be possible to shock the heart back into normal rhythm, so the course of action is to treat the symptoms.

She will be on aspirin to keep the blood thin, and will continue on the beta blocker. She will also be put on an ACE inhibitor to slow the heart rate. Hopefully this second drug will allow her heart to get some rest, and also allow some healing. The ACE inhibitor will lower her heart rate and also lower her blood pressure. Hopefully this will help the heart to start pumping more efficiently.

Basically she has to limit her activity, as she has already been doing. Hopefully resting her heart can allow her to start doing more activity. Right now she is limited from walking any inclines, except at a very slow pace, and is pretty much unable to lift more than 20 or 30 pounds. Walking while carrying any weight is pretty much out of the question.

Pray for Mom that she can know how much she can do, and to know how much is too much.

Pray for all of us as we adjust to this new development, that we can know how to best help her out! Also to know how to adjust our schedule to accommodate her.

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Sheila said...

Thank you for sharing this. We will be praying more specifically for you Josie. I enjoyed Justo's blog too. You are all an encouragement to us to keep doing the Lord's work. May God strengthen you each day.
Sheila Wilkinson