Monday, November 10, 2008

5 in the Household again!

Today Lucas got home! It is fun see him again, but you could not believe how pumped he is. He got home just in time for lunch so after unloading his car we sat down for the small meal. As some of you might know, Lucas has a very engaging way of presenting his views. He talked none stop once we had prayed for the food. After eating and listening alternately I finished lunch 45 minutes after starting. At the moment I finished I looked over at Lucas' plate. I figured that he had taken a total of maybe 3 spoonfuls. I asked mom to be excused and went to do my school. After another hour or so I had finished school for the day. I noticed that Lucas had gotten up from the table (after eating an amount, which would hardly sustain the beating of a mouse's heart till the next meal) and was washing dishes. He is still in the kitchen (35 minutes after I finished school) talking with mom about economics or something to that effect.

Yes, it is great to have Lucas home even though I am still wondering how he made it through the campaign season without shriveling up like a prune from lack of nourishment!

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