Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jessica back from Ghana, Africa

We are thrilled to have Jessica back from Ghana, Africa. It was around 100F in Accra, Ghana where she was for the last couple days of her stay there. She developed close friendships with the Federwitz family. Here in WI it was around 6F when she returned, close to 100F difference. From swimming in the ocean to sliding down the snow within 48 hours. Such is our jet age. However, she is adjusting well. She brought back many interesting items, not knick knacks. Ask her about the rat trap? Burlap sacks, rubber ties, flour sack apron, Fonio, corn meal, ground nuts, dates, tie and dye, batik, peanut butter, cocoa, shea butter soaps. The language, race, culture, mucic, houses, food, climate, animals, foliage is all soo unique. We have a very Creative God. But, relationships, sin, forgiveness, sickness, grace, love, etc. transcends every culture and understanding God's gift of salvation and receiving Jesus as Savior is a universal need.
Today, Jessica is off to Eau Claire to prepare for entering Nursing classes in Jan.

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