Monday, June 16, 2008

Dear Friends and Family,
Training continues here at the NW Annex. Last Friday we trained with paint bullets all day in a training town. That was really fun. The day started with a 2 mile run out the range with weapons and packs. Then we practiced patrolling and capturing houses and got killed by the instructors who were acting like insurgence every time. then in the after noon we patrolled back to base about 4 miles through woods and swamps. It was really one of the best training days as it was practicing what we have been studying the last 8 months in a realistic way.
Saturday I got a new cell phone and watched movie and hung out at a mall for way to long. I hate malls and all they stand for. Any way the next day Sunday was much better with church in the morning. The fathers day service was on Moses from Hebrews 11:23-27. Then Sunday afternoon I went for a 4.5 mile run and studied about Terrorism all evening.
Today we ran for about 3 miles for PT and then we went to class and took the terrorism test and every one but 4 people passed. I got about 92.5% on the test. Praise the Lord as it was a very confusing test and it was easy to over think the questions. Our training down at Red range with paint bullets was canceled for to day do to smoke caused by fires in North Carolina. It was considered dangerous to exercise in all the smoke. So we all got off at 1500 and so I had time to post this post to day. Life continues to be exciting, but pray that I can continue to be a real light to the marines a work with every day and pray that my quad will heal from being pulled during lunges to day in PT.

Christ's Marine

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