Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hello from Hot VA,
It is summer here, that is for sure. It has been sunny here with temperatures 90-100 degrees every day. To add to the heat it also tends to be humid with periods of smoke every day due to the fires that are still burning in the great dismal swamps. I am pretty well adjusted to the heat so it does not tend to bother me to bad and I can go swimming in a pool on base every day if I find time so that makes the heat a lot of fun. I am now part of 1F4. This means ever day after work I can do what I want. I have no more curfews every night and no more formations. Due to the over full barracks at Camp Allen we are still stuck here at the NW annex. We had another PFT Friday but I only had to do it to motivate the slow runners as I had the highest PFT in my platoon.
The only other activity I have been involved in is helping out with VBS at the Southern baptist church I have been attending down the road. It was fun to be with kids again and to just be a normal human for a little bit. One exciting thing is 13 of the 58 kids accepted Jesus so it is neat to see the Word of God not returning void. I helped with the final program Friday and it was also fun to talk to the parents and one parent even asked me if I wanted to help him with landscaping and yard work. It would be nice to have a job on the side that I can do in my extra time while I am still here. Any way that is my life. Please pray for the 13 kids that accepted the Lord. Pray for my plt mates as I try to witness to them and get them to come with me to church this Sunday.

Christ's Marine,

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Gabrielle Eden said...

I just read this. It was written on my birthday. I will pray as you requested, David. God bless you!