Wednesday, June 11, 2008

From the North West Annex, Chesapeake, VA

Hey this is David in person!!
I have figured out how to post. You got to love the weather here at security force training. It has been over 100 Degrees F the last 4 days. Finally today it was a high of only about 85 Degrees. Today we did Physical Training (PT) in the morning as we do every morning. It lasts about 1 hour which is long enough in 80 degree weather with high humidity. Then I took a test on Guard Mount and I got about 94%. I should have done better but I made stupid mistakes. Anyway I passed. We then had classes all afternoon as normal. This is basically what my life has been like. I get off between 1600 and 1800 and then do PT on my own.
Now on to a more long term subject. I am to be stationed in Norfolk, VA in Camp Allen as part of the 1st fast team either 4th or 5th squad. This means I am going to be in a force that is stationed over seas the next 2 years to be ready to help in case of emergency such as to defend an embassy or if some other emergency situation arises overseas. I am graduating from this school on the 25th of June to go to 1st fast.
In the spiritual side of my life, I recently read through James and it was a great reminder to live out my faith amongst so much immorality. I am also trying to start a Bible study with a Southern Baptist pastor here on this base. I am working on setting up a meeting with the chaplain assistant to see if I can use the chapel for these services. The sad part is that I am going to be leaving in two weeks so I will not be able to oversee these services. Till later.

Christ's Marine,
Lcpl Pillman, David

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