Monday, December 31, 2007

David Letter #11

Dear Family, December 23, 2007\
Merry Christmas Eve Eve. :) Sorry for my poor communication. I have been so busy that I have not had time to do any thing but read my letters and clean the house. Last Wednesday we thatched a movie. It was OK. Other wise I shot all of last week. I did not shoot really well. I ended up shooting a 212. 250 is perfect so I dropped 38 points. All we have now is table II. Table II is moving targets. It should be fun. I can pick up another 10 points so I can move from sharp shooter to Expert. Other wise we did the 8 mile hike yesterday. It was fine except that I was the knowledge recruit and I had to scream for the whole time. I am hoarse today. I think that our platoon will take range as we had 2 recruits who shot 240s and 239 as well. There are a lot of experts. That is most of the news. Next week we are camping out for 3 nights. WE are not going out till Wednesday. So we are staying here till after Christmas. Camping should be fun. It is still cold here. Probably about 40 every morning and getting up to 65 or 70 every day. It rained one day last week so that was a little cold and muddy shooting. It is still hard to find time for devos as our square away time is cut down to 45 minutes instead of 1 1/2 hours. In that time we have to fit equipment, clean the house, and shower and shave. I still have opportunity to talk to recruits about the Lord. It is neat o see the interest in spiritual things. I cannot believe the immorality in America. I think I see the worst of it here at boot camp. You can pray I keep my language clean. It is still a challenge as I hear dirty language constantly.
Today the Church service was good. The sermon was on Joseph from Matthew 1. It was given by a retired chaplain that was LCMS. He preached the word. Well I had better go. Merry Christmas!

Christ's Soldier,
David Pillman
Prov. 4:24

P.S. Thanks for all the letters from friends and family. I love them. Please send me pictures!

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Stinnett Family said...

Thank you for posting the letters of David. We are keeping him in our prayers!