Tuesday, December 4, 2007

David Letter # 6

Dear Family November 26-28, 2007
Today was probably one of the best days at boot camp. It was tough but fun. In the morning we did the confidence course which was a lot of climbing over obstacles like rope ladders, towers, and huge monkey bar type things. Then we practiced falling and leg sweeps. this all took about 5 hours in the morning. Then we had a class on History 5 which was the Vietnam war with Capt. John Repply and Carlos Hethckock. Then we had a class on mentorship. During it one of the recruits asked why DI swear and as it was the first Sargent of the corps he got in trouble because no swearing is allowed. Anyway, the DI keep saying how easy boot camp is now and basically I can agree, though it is still mentally and physically challenging.
Tuesday they played mind games all day and tore our whole house apart and then made us run up and down stairs. Then we got a dummy grade for initial drill and we did very well. We had our last first aid class and our log drills. That was tough as I was one of the tallest recruits and had to be up front. I had a lot of weight, but it was a good work out. My shoulders are sore today.
Wednesday we had a GI bill class all morning with more signing of paper work. Next we practiced with rifles and I was forced to rough up a weak recruit by the name of Bailey, but he took it pretty well. Then we had Pugle sticks and I won once and lost once. Then we drilled more and got another dummy grade. Everything is building up to Initial Drill Saturday.
Pray that I can continue to witness to more recruits-especially Cardinous.

Christ's Soldier,

P.S. Everything is said to be easier here because of our female Commander General Salinous.

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