Monday, December 10, 2007

David Letter #9

Dear Family, December 4, 2007
Well, it is swim week! Monday I qualified for swim 4. It was easy. You had to jump off a 10 foot tower with camies on and tread water for 4 minutes . Next, I had to swim 25 yards 2x with camies. Today I qualified for swim 3 it included getting on all our gear- including boots- jump off the tower and swim 25 yards.Next, we had to get on packs, guns, helmets, and flack jackets and 5 yards in chest high water, swim 25 yards with the equipment, and jump off a 8 foot tower and swim 25 yards. All the swimming with packs we had to swim toward our feet. That is a little tough. Got to go do devotions.
Wednesday, December 5, 2007
to day I qualified for swim 2 it was not tough. All we had to do was have on a Kevlar, a flack jacket, and a rifle. Then, we had to swim 20 yards. Lets just say the equipment slowed me down a bit, but I made it. Then we had the buddy tow. We had to tow a buddy 30 yards and then switch. Both my buddy and I passed. Tomorrow we have one last swim day. Today we also packed for up North, got our debit card, a hair cut, and practiced for our oral and written tests. Those tests are on T 51- today is T 20. Anyway, time continues to pass. We also had to make our racks about 15x today and I spent time on the quarter deck. Praise the Lord for his strength and for a fun time here. I am feeling great! Pray that I stay healthy and can continue to witness to recruits.

Christ's Soldier,
Pillman, David
Is. 40

On out side of letter: P.S. I run in New Balance shoes. Cards are fine.

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