Thursday, December 6, 2007

David Letter # 7

Dear Family, November 30, 2007
Well, life continues to be busy. Yesterday I had a hair cut in the morning and did a lot of drill. then we had chow and did a lot more drill. We are building up to the initial drill competition tomorrow. After chow we had a fake full PFT test. I did my best and did 15 pull ups. (Pull-ups here are hard because you have to go all the way down and up) Then I ran the 3 mile run. I came in first out of 200 recruits at 18:30 minutes. It was not that good, but I did my best. Next, was crunches and I did 100. I scored about a 275 on the PFT.
Today I was called up to our Series commander and they said I was one of the few recruits they think could make a 300 PFT. My Sr. Drill Instructor said that he has never had anyone get a 300 PFT out of the 4 plt. he has had. Praise the Lord for His strength. Pray that I can do well on the initial PFT next Friday so I don't get in trouble. Today was the first inspection which meant that DIs from another plt. looked us over and asked questions and of course yelled at us. Then we did more drilling inside. It rained all day today so we were outside only to walk to chow and back. We did a lot of drill and cleaned our rifles. Then we did PT inside our house, which included push-ups, pull-up, and crunches. I did a total of 1050 crunches, 75 pull-ups, and innumerable push-ups and dips off of foot lockers. My record was 300 crunches at one time. I also got put on the quarter deck for something my rack mate did. That was OK, but tiring. (I was 7 times on the quarter deck) :). Continue to pray for Cordinez- he seems like he will accept the Lord soon-Pray!
Christ's soldier,
David Is. 40:28-31

P.S. Please continue to write letters

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