Friday, December 7, 2007

David Letter #8

Dear Family, Dec. 2,2007
Today was church again. Church was really disappointing as we had a Woman Chaplain for the first time.:(...a very poor sermon on the end times.
Anyway on a more positive subject, yesterday my platoon #3271 got first in initial drill. Then we did a mini grind (a little drill inside the house). Then, we went to chow after a lot of standing at attention. Then we had chow. After chow, we did more mini grind and then had P.T. It was the circuit course and then had a huge tug-of-war. 3271 lost, but it was still a lot of fun. Tony is home sick somewhat.
Finally, we got ice cream in the evening as s treat and watched a movie as a reward for getting first in drill. You can continue to pray that I can be a light in word and action. I am making a lot of friends here. They are a rough crowd, but I can handle teasing because of my innocence. I am glad I have been protected my whole life. Thanks Mom and Dad! Well, got to run. Next week is swim week. Next week, we go up to Camp Pendleton. This address will remain the same.

Christ's soldier,
David Pillman
Rom. 13: 11-14


Gabrielle Eden said...

Hi from cousin Marie. I will pray for you!

Gabrielle Eden said...

By the way, don't let it bother you that my name comes up as Gabrielle. That is my internet name that I use for my blog.