Friday, November 30, 2007

David Letter #4 & #5

This week we got two more letters from David. The following are the last two:
Dear Family, 25 Nov. 2007
Well today is Sunday! The church service was shallow as usual. Anyway yesterday was a tough physical day. It started out with a rough mini grind which is basically: hold our guns out at different angles as punishment till we scream with pain. Then we had 2 hours of class, chow and P.T. P.T. started with warm up exercises and then more push ups, crunches, weight lifting, jump rope, stair climbing with weights, dips, pull ups, monkey bars, and more crunches and weight lifting. Then we did agility training for 1/2 an hour and that was a lot of sprinting backward and forward starting on your belly every time. Then, we had another 45 min. of strengthening exercises like diamond push ups. We then showered and did more marching and had chow. Then we did more marching and rifle handling. Finally we c.eaned our rifles, had a Sr. drill chat and cleaned up everything. That was my day! A long 1 hour of fire watch last night. You can pray that our Plt. (3271) MIKE does well in initial drill test. It is all a competition between platoons. Also, pray I find more time to read my Bible. I have started reading it during fire watch.
My health is doing fine. I still have a cough, but I can handle that. Let me know how many deer you shot. Tony is doing well. Nathan is in another Plt. and I talked to him yesterday and his knee is bothering him. Also Tony has shin splints--you can pray they go away.
Christ's soldier,
Pillman, David Col. 1:13
On back of envelope: P.S. Thanks for the letters. I got 3 so far---all from you.

Dear Family, Saturday,Nov. 24. 2007
Life has been crazy . They keep us running and drilling every day morning till night. Lately, the D.I.s have been throwing all of our stuff in one pile in the middle of the house and we have to clean it up and sort our stuff in free time. Thanksgiving started out with going to the pit (I.T.) before breakfast and then we had class and had a bad time at drill--a lot of time holding our M16 A1 service rifles at arms length. then we had a "Thanksgiving" dinner and it was O.K. The food was not home made and I only had 5-10 minutes to eat it. Then we did more drill and our Sr. Drill Instructor let us watch a Movie called "shooter." That was nice. The day ended well. Wednesday I did pugle sticks and I beat my opponent. I couldn't remember if I told you that yet. Anyway today was a tough day. We went to the pit and then went to P.T. and did a lot of push ups and crunches. We came back and had to make out beds 3X and then we all got our water bottles dumped out and mixed up. After lunch, we did hard martial arts and 3 hours of drill and another 2 hours of drill after supper.
I gotta go. Pray for my bad cough and slight sprained ankle.
Love, David
Still Christ's Soldier
Pray for my new rock mate, Kovach--a home schooled boy from Texas.

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