Tuesday, November 6, 2007

David leaves for the Marines

As David left for the Marines, he did not need to take much time packing. He wore the clothes on his back and carried with him a Bible, an address book, $20, his social security card and drivers license, and contact lens solution. He will be issued new glasses and personal effects and all of the necessary clothes and shoes needed for boot camp. Even the clothes he arrives in will be put into a bin until he returns home. He will be given a physical and his head will be shaved. That is boot camp. Sat. we went through shoes and clothes tossing the most worn. Although he plans to be back for 10 days in Feb., in essence he is gone for five years. We will miss him. He will miss many special days including Thanksgiving and Christmas and birthdays. At present, Jessica and Matthew and Uncle Noel plan to attend his graduation in San Diego on Feb.1
The Lord will strengthen him and help him and uphold him with His victorious right hand.

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