Saturday, November 24, 2007

David's second letter

Dear Family, Nov. 16,2007
Well today I did the obstacle course. It went well. Also my rack mate is going to be kicked out due to a knee injury. His name is Marrs and he is going back to Texas. You can pray for him as he is a nominal Christian. This is a big blow for him. You can also pray that I get over the bad cold I have. Otherwise I have just had a lot of classes.
Well, this is Sunday and I finally got time to finish this letter. Yesterday, we had PT which included a lot of push ups and then sprints and more sprints.Then we had about four hours of class lecture on History and Courage. Otherwise it was just chow and more marching drill and we learned how to take apart our M16 A1 service rifle.
Today, we got up normal time, had chow and then I went to church with Tony Ward. It is an ELCA liturgical service, but it is still good to read from God's Word. We also have a communion every Sunday. Otherwise everything is pretty monotonous. The biggest thing they stress is keeping clean, both ourselves and the house (barracks) and bathroom (head).
I have pink eye so you can pray I get over it. Everyone is sick here.
Anyway let me know how everyone is doing and say "hi" to Lucas and Ryan. You can also send me Lucas' mailing address.
Christ's soldier,
Pillman,David Prov. 18:10
P.S. Please keep these letters as they are the journal I have. Also you can pray I don't get in too much trouble as I am one of the squad leaders.

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