Thursday, January 17, 2008

David's Jan. 13,2008 letter

Dear Family, Jan. 13, 2008
Boy, do I have a lot to write to you all about. First of all last Friday, we had the 2nd clothing fit. Then, everything began happening. It all goes back to a few days ago when we had a few fights. E. got punched and then J. got punched for no reason. J. was punched in the jaw and the Sr. D.I. tried to cover up the fighting. Then, it was found out that J.'s jaw was broken. He called home from the hospital and his mom got the Sr.D.I. in trouble for lying. So, D.I. Sgt. J and D.I. K. were UCMJ and relieved from being D.I. So, three weeks from graduation we got a new Sr. D.I.-Lewis and a new kill hat, Kaaiwi. Now we have to learn to drill with new D.I.s 3 days before final drill. It is going to be a miracle if we do well on final drill, but I believe in miracles. So over this all 3 recruits were dropped for fighting. Anyway that is the excitement around here.

Last week was PT week. Monday, I was gear guard. then, Tuesday we did the circuit course and Wednesday we did a tough combat course which was martial arts and body drags.

This week also I was I.T. about 3-4 times and had probably the toughest I.T. session ever just before the D.I. left. Thursday we ran 1/2 mile 6 times and those were sprints! Then, we did max. pull ups, ,push ups and crunches. That was probably the toughest P.T. I have done. I found out this week that I am going to be made Meritorious PFC because I guess I have the highest PFT score in the series. Continue to pray that i do well on my final PFT so the Sr. D.I. is not sorry he gave me rise in rank. My rank mate also was one of the few Meritorious PFC because he was the Platoon high shooter.

You can continue to pray for my rack mate Hill and also our guide Espinoza. He was just appointed series honor man so he is pretty happy, but he has a lot of stress. Thank you for all the letters! I love hearing from everyone. Thank you Smiths! You have really been great in sending me all the letters. It helps me feel like a human being here.
Nineteen more days!

Christ's soldier,
David Pillman
Col. 3:8-10

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