Friday, January 25, 2008

David's Jan19 letter

Dear Family, Jan. 19,2008
Well, test week is done. It all started Monday with final drill. Platoon 3271took first! So, we now have three trophies and that with a brand new Sr. D.I. Then, Tuesday, we had the martial arts test and so i am now a marine tan belt. It was a very easy test. The rest of the day was spent studying for the written test and getting uniforms. The Wed. we did more uniform stuff and took the written test. I got 94% which is not too good because I knew all the questions but it was a pass. Everyone in my Platoon passed. Then, we practiced for the oral medical test. Thursday was a busy day. First thing, we ran the final PFT. I did 27 pullups, but I was told only 24 counted. Then, I ran the 3 miles in 17:45. Then I did 117 crunches in 2 minutes. Praise the Lord! A 300 PFT! I was the only recruit in MIKE Co. to get a 300 PFT on the final PFT. Anyway, I might get iron man as long as a recruit who was on light duty and got a 300 on the series PFT does not get it. Anyway I praise the Lord for His help and strength. We had the oral test in the afternoon, but before that I had to go to medical for a shot that I had to get because I have never had chicken pox. It was given in the thigh and this was the first of two. So I passed the oral prac. with 100%.

Thank you for all your letters and pictures. I enjoy see what you have been doing. Also put a thank you to all the people who have been sending me letters. I love getting up to 19 letters a mail call. It is still hard to find time to read my Bible, but I have had opportunity to witness to 3 or 4 recruits when they ask why I am so different.

This is probably my last letter or 2nd to the last. Please don't send me any more letters after next Wed. The Crucible--here I come. You know my schedule as well as I do. I know it is supposed to rain the next 3 days. So, we will have a muddy, wet Crucible. I don't care--it will make it all the more fun.:)

Christ's soldier,

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sigdoc said...

Yup. A rainy, muddy Crucible sounds like fun to me, too!(not!)

Way to go, David! "David Pillman, Iron Man" has a good ring to it.

Uncle Noel