Thursday, January 31, 2008

David's Jan. 25 letter

Dear Family,

I am a Marine! I survived the crucible. It was a challenge. The 50+ miles of marching was not bad. The obstacles were fun but the cold and rain was horrible. We got a total of 8 hours of sleep for 3 days.

It was actually less sleep because I had fire watch one night for one hour. The worst part of the day was night time when they were trying to keep us awake and we were freezing. The last day we got up at 2:00 put on wet camies because it rained constantly on and off for the 3 days of the crucible and started hiking toward the reaper - a big, steep hill which we earn the title marine on. 4 miles of hiking through rivers of water and we arrived at the base and sat on our packs for a 1/2 hour. It poured rain. The hill was completely muddy and it was 40 degrees and all we had on was soaking wet camies. Then we slid up and down the hill and down the other side and then had to hike 6+ miles back to the parade deck and receive our EGA. Then we had warriors breakfast! Then a hot shower.

It was a miserable 3 days with 3 MREs but it was worth it. Our packs weighed over 100lbs due to the rain water. It was said that ours was the hardest crucible any one has had for the last 10+ years due to the rain and cold. You know you appreciate more what you earn.

Got to go.

Christs MARINE,

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Gabrielle Eden said...

Congratulations David! We just saw you here at the Udden's house, but I want to wish you congrats here on the blog! We'll be keeping you in our prayers and we'll keep sending you stuff when we find out where.