Saturday, January 12, 2008

David's Jan. 6 letter

Dear Family,
Sorry for my poor communication. We are limited in our free time so I only really have time to write on Sunday. Anyway, last week was team week. We got measured for our suits and fancy clothing. That was ALL day Wednesday. Thursday, I went to dental and had my first cavity filled in. :( That is what happens when you don't have time to brush teeth for 2 months. Actually, for the last two months, I have been brushing my teeth every night. The rest of Thursday, I cleaned house and was given I.T. two times for no reason and then tore apart the whole house.
Fri. I had a meeting in the morning and was disqualified from Presidential Security for being home schooled, but I am appealing that. Then I went and worked in the Armory for the rest of the day. Talk about a lot of weapons: around 3,300 M16A2, 400 shot guns, 40+ grenade launchers M203, 200+ shot guns and probably around 100 pistols. 9mm Beretta M92.* So that was fun. I missed class, but it was all on rape and homosexuality.
Saturday, I got to call home! Also we had class in the morning on sexual responsibility and military social services. It poured rain all day. Next we had a class on alcohol abuse and drug use from our D.I. Finally we did our initial PFT. I did 22 pull ups, 116 crunches and ran a 18:20 three mile. So I scored a 298--two points away from perfect. :( Praise the Lord for strength. It was the best PFT score in our series, but I need to get under 18 min. on the final PFT. Finally, we did a lot of drill and hit the rack.
On fire watch I was in the duty hut calculating PFT scores. Church today was pretty lame. The sermon was a message on the wise-men. Basically a history lesson.
Continue to pray for our Platoon. Pray that I can still get Presidential Security.
Christ's soldier,

P.S. My favorite thing last week was a team obstacle course which ended with climbing a rope in full gear.

*Probably these are Beretta M9's not M92's, as the military issue is the Beretta M9.

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